Healthy Energy Drinks to Fuel Your Afternoon

As a college student balancing activities, classes and an internship, I am always looking for healthy energy drinks to fuel my afternoon. Each day around two or three o’clock I feel myself hitting a wall. I have never been one to nap, so I’m always looking for a way to fuel myself through the end of the day.

It wouldn’t be uncharacteristic for students my age to crack open a high-caffeine energy drink or order the largest soda on campus, but for several years now I have been looking for healthier ways to fuel my afternoon.

I cut most of the soda from my diet in 2016. I would say I stopped altogether, but I have trouble saying no to the occasional Baja Blast. I now enjoy sodas as a rare treat and have found healthier alternatives for staying energized.

While being a college student can be tiring, the bottom line is: everyone is busy. At the end of the day, we all could benefit from an afternoon pick-me-up so here are some healthy swaps to fuel your afternoon.


Red Leaf Immunity

If you are in the need of a boost in your afternoon, then look no further than Red Leaf Immunity. With 80 mg of caffeine per serving this is sure to give you enough energy to finish the day.  This refreshing drink is not only easy to make – just add one scoop to water- but it has some great health benefits as well.

Red Leaf Immunity is packed with B vitamins and Amino Acids which support immune health and electrolytes for hydration. Immunity comes in the same great Cranberry Lime flavor as Red Leaf Pre-Workout; however, unlike the pre-workout, Immunity does not contain beta-alanine, which makes it a great option for people who are more sensitive to the beta-alanine-itch.

Red Leaf Immunity’s cranberry lime flavor tastes great with plain water, but my favorite part about this delicious drink is trying new combinations, like pairing it with sparkling water!


Cranberry Lime Immunity


Red Leaf Pre-Workout

When it comes to energy drinks, one thing I have struggled with in the past is consuming too much caffeine. After just a few cups of coffee, I have reached my limit, so finding a drink with less caffeine that still gives me a boost was important to me. Red Leaf Pre-Workout only contains 40mg of caffeine which is just enough to help me through the afternoon without interrupting my sleep.

Much like Red Leaf Immunity, the pre-workout is full of other wonderful ingredients. Both the Cranberry Lime and Blueberry Acai flavors have beta-alanine for muscle endurance during exercise, BCAA’s to prevent muscle breakdown and antioxidants for muscle recovery.



Tea is another versatile, yet healthy energy drink. Served hot or cold, tea itself has many different health benefits with different blends adding their own set of health advantages.

According to an NBC News article, drinking tea has “many potential mental and physical health benefits.” Teas have been shown to calm and destress people, especially those containing the amino acid, L-theanine.

While tea is a great healthy option, it is important to keep an eye on how much caffeine you consume. Depending on the type of tea 8oz can contain up to 90mg of caffeine, which adds up quickly by the third or fourth cup!


Like everything, coffee is a great option in moderation. According to John’s Hopkins Medicine and The New York Times, coffee has several health benefits, like lowering your likelihood of developing heart failure, Parkinson’s disease or suffering from a stroke.

400mg of caffeine is the recommended maximum intake for women in the United States per Dietary Guidelines for Americans, so depending on the brew strength and size of the coffee you reach for, consuming one to two cups a day can help you see the health benefits.

Much like tea, the caffeine in coffee can add up fast, especially if you opt for an espresso. According to Mayo Clinic, 1 oz of espresso contains around 64mg of caffeine. This may not seem like much until you consider a venti drink from Starbucks contains three shots of espresso, totaling over 190mg of caffeine.

For me, it is easy to consume WAY too much caffeine when I drink coffee and tea. Using Red Leaf as an afternoon drink allows me to monitor exactly how much caffeine I consume and adjust accordingly.

Collagen Peptides


While all these drinks have wonderful health benefits on their own, one of the best things about them is how well they combine with Red Leaf Collagen Peptides. Adding Collagen Peptides to these healthy energy drinks will not only give you the caffeine boost you are looking for, but the collagen itself can help strengthen your muscles and joints and adds 9 grams of protein per serving to your fuel of choice.

There are many ways you can fuel your body, especially when it comes to energy drinks. Building healthy habits starts with making small changes. Next time you are looking for an afternoon pick-me-up, try one of these healthy energy drinks in place of your current fix!