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About the Red Leaf Team

A community built on family

Mike Strohl, Integrated Sports Nutrition

Mike Strohl


My name is Mike and my wife and I purchased Red Leaf to build a family business that provides great products, serves customers with excellence and uses our business to make the world a better place. I enjoy exercising with HIIT workouts, walking and weightlifting. I love spending time with my family, traveling and watching Major League Baseball. (Go, St. Louis Cardinals!!) My favorite Red Leaf product is—-all of them! Hey, what do you expect the owner of the company to say?

Valerie Strohl, Integrated Sports Nutrition

Valerie Strohl

Director of Media

I’m Val, Mike’s better half and co-owner of Red Leaf. As the Director of Media Relations, I am our team videographer and love creating fun, exciting content for all of you. My daughter, Claire, teaches my workout class and I love doing long, grueling cardio workouts. Before every class, I drink Blueberry Acaí Red Leaf Pre-Workout and it helps me push through when I want to give up.

Claire Strohl, Integrated Sports Nutrition

Claire Strohl

Director of Business Development

Hi, I’m Claire! I am Mike and Val’s oldest daughter and the Director of Business Development at Red Leaf. I am also the team’s resident fitness and nutrition junkie and have been a personal trainer for the last three years! My favorite workouts are long cardio burners and track sprints. I love mixing both of our pre-workout flavors together with sparkling water for an afternoon pick-me-up.

Who We Serve


We serve people who don’t believe in settling for anything less than the best. Our people are always working to be better. They are committed to becoming stronger, fitter, and healthier, even if it’s through one small choice every day. They are determined to set good examples for the people in their lives. Because of their commitment to excellence in their own lives, our tribe chooses brands that do the same.

Our purpose at Red Leaf is to help our tribe live their lives to the fullest without compromising who they are. People choose Red Leaf because we provide pure, clean products that keep them happy and healthy so they can continue to do the things they love and do them to the fullest.

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