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Red Leaf Pre-Workout Energizer, Cranberry Lime

Natural flavors and mild caffeine for a healthy energy boost


Recovery Balm - Peppermint

All-natural herbal healing salve scented with peppermint


Red Leaf Collagen Peptides

For healthy hair, skin, nails, and joints


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My boyfriend originally bought this for himself but I started using it after he praised it so often! I get it though, this stuff is amazing. We use it before our workouts and I use half a scoop mixed with just water to do the trick for me! The flavor is great and mixes really well. We’ve already ordered our second bottle as we are very pleased with this pre-workout; definitely recommend you give it a try!
This was my first time trying preworkout. All I know is I felt the energy flow, did my workout and felt incredible and energized all day but at the end slept great. Normally I drag through a day and have difficulty sleeping so I'm lovin this.
I enjoy this pre-workout. I worked a 12 hour shift in construction and drank one serving before work and I had energy all day with no crash. I also didn't feel a huge "pump" like other pre-workouts but that is why I bought this one.
I tried the pre-workout energy powder this morning before riding the Peloton. Not only did the product taste great, but I had a lot of energy during a pretty difficult ride! I'm also 17-weeks pregnant, so finding energy these days is not easy. The Red Leaf product provided a great outcome. Looking forward to using it more!

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