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Omega 3 Fish Oil

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Red Leaf’s Non-GMO Omega 3 Fish Oil contains 800mg EPA and 600mg DHA, which are two essential ingredients in managing heart disease. Take two Omega 3 Fish Oil capsules daily with a meal to decrease inflammation and boost heart and joint health.


Support your joint and heart health with Red Leaf’s Omega 3 Fish Oil supplement, sourced from fresh caught fish in South America. One serving of Red Leaf’s Omega 3 Fish Oil (2 softgels) packs in 800mg EPA and 600mg DHA, two essential nutrients that are important for managing heart disease.

Studies show that the modern human diet lacks sufficient levels of omega 3s, which are important for optimizing heart health through lowering blood pressure*, decreasing plaque buildup in the arteries*, and reducing triglycerides*. Additionally, omega 3s help to keep joints healthy by reducing inflammation in and around the joints that can cause swelling and pain.


Supplement Facts
Serving Size 2 Softgels
Servings Per Container: 60
Amount Per Serving% Daily Value*
Calories 20
Calories from Fat 20
Total Fat 2g 4%
Fish Oil 2000mg *
Typically Providing:
EPA (Elcosapentaenolc Acid) 800mg *
DHA (Docosahexaenolc Acid) 600mg *
*Daily Value not established.
Other ingredients: Fish (herring, anchovy, sardine, salmon and mackerel), gelatin (bovine), vegetable glycerin, purified water, enteric coating and natural vitamin E.

1 review for Omega 3 Fish Oil

  1. Claire Strohl

    For the record, I work for ISN- I’ve been using our products for 6 months now and the results speak for themself! I take two of these every morning and I LOVE them. They really make a difference in my joints and I can tell if I miss a day taking them. Overall, I’ve noticed massive improvements in my joint recovery since using them and I do 6-8 CrossFit/lifting sessions a week. I’ve also noticed my hair, skin, and nail quality improve since starting these supplements. Best part: NO FISH BURPS OR FISH FLAVOR AT ALL. Seriously this is a big deal to me because I hate the smell of fish!

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