Everything You Need to Know About Beta Alanine

Last year, we wrote a short article on some of the benefits of beta-alanine. But as we look to create a higher caffeine, higher beta-alanine pre-workout for those of you looking for a little extra boost, we thought it appropriate to bring this back (with a little more detail). Here’s everything you need to know about beta alanine!

Beta-alanine is a non-essential amino acid, which means it isn’t necessary for protein synthesis in the body. One of its key functions is increasing the body’s ability to store carnosine in the muscles, which helps buffer the accumulation of lactic acid that results from exercise.

Countless studies have shown beta-alanine’s impact on improved athletic performance. One study administered 2g per day of beta-alanine to a group of physical education students while the other group received a placebo over a six-week period. At the re-test, students who received beta-alanine showed a significant decrease in TTE (time to exhaustion) and an increase in VO2 max. These results have been replicated across sports, age groups, genders, and energy pathways (aerobic vs. anaerobic). Aka it works.

So we know that beta-alanine is effective, but what is the ideal dose? The answer to that is: it depends.

Are you an athlete looking for peak performance results? You may want a higher dose of beta-alanine than someone who is just looking for a little boost for their daily workout.

The International Society of Sports Nutrition recommends a daily dose of “4-6g over the course of 4 weeks for optimal carnosine concentration in the muscles.” This can be taken in two larger doses, or split in smaller doses throughout the day. Again, this is most likely the desired level for peak performance athletes versus our everyday gym-goers.

Many people are sensitive to beta-alanine, and experience “tingling” or “itching” after consuming it (whether on its own or in a pre-workout product.) This is totally normal and varies largely among individuals. Some people are very sensitive and notice these tingling effects after consuming small doses of beta-alanine, while others may be more resistant to these side effects and can handle a larger dose.

Moral of the story? If you’re feeling the tingles, don’t freak out! It’s normal and you can decide whether you like them or not.

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