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Blueberry Acai Pre-Workout Energizer

(7 customer reviews)


Red Leaf Pre-Workout is a cleaner, healthier way to get the energy you need before a workout, between afternoon meetings, or after rushing kids to and from activities. Packed with other immune-boosting ingredients like branched chain amino acids, glutamine, and arginine, Red Leaf is more than just an energy boost. Our Blueberry Acai flavor is 100% naturally sweetened with stevia leaf extract and monk fruit, which gives it a deliciously tart blueberry flavor. Zero grams of sugar per serving.


Get the most out of your workout when you drink Red Leaf Pre-Workout! Whether you like to run, climb, lift, box, swim, spin, or flow, Red Leaf helps you stay focused and work harder for longer. Exercise isn’t your jam? No problem! Red Leaf Pre-Workout is also a great afternoon pick-me-up to help you get through your work day.

Red Leaf Pre-Workout Drink will do two things for your workout—1) Provide an important boost of energy with a mild dose of pure caffeine, and 2) Provide necessary BCAA’s and Beta-Alanine to help with post-workout recovery and maximum efficiency in your workout.  All of our Red Leaf Pre-workout drinks contain caffeine equivalent to 1/2 cup of coffee, which provides a moderate dose for boosting your pre-workout energy without the harmful effects of excessive caffeine.  See our blog on why we believe a mild dose of caffeine is better than higher doses in other products.  Why we made a lower caffeine Pre-Workout

We’re proud to list each ingredient and its precise amount right on the label; we don’t need to hide behind “proprietary blends.” With a mild dose of pure caffeine and beta-alanine, Red Leaf Pre-Workout gives you just enough boost to power through any workout without jitters or a delayed crash.

We have a pre-workout drink for all tastes.  Are you more of a purist?  Try our delicious, all-natural Blueberry Acai product for a slightly tart, naturally sweetened taste.  Using stevia and Monk Fruit as sweeteners, this drink is not only clean, it tastes terrific and provides the same quality boost to your workout without the negative side effects of other products.

Not concerned with a mild dose of sucralose?  With less than 1 gram of sucralose,  our flagship Cranberry Lime product has all the same great BCAA’s and Beta-Alanine and is the best tasting pre-workout drink on the market.  Red Leaf Pre-Workout (Cranberry Lime)

Red Leaf Pre­-Workout is produced in a GMP­-certified facility in the USA to ensure quality and potency.


Red Leaf Pre-Workout uses only the highest quality ingredients to provide you with the healthiest and most effective boost to enhance your workouts and everyday life. Learn more about the ingredients in Red Leaf Pre-Workout and what they do for you below:

ALL NATURAL FLAVORS: Red Leaf Blueberry Acai is naturally sweetened with stevia leaf extract and monk fruit, and flavored with natural blueberry and acai berries. When you drink Red Leaf, you are able to say with total confidence that you are drinking an “all natural” pre-workout!

AMINO ACIDS: Amino Acids (beta-alanine, arginine alpha-ketoglutarate, and glutamine) and BCAA’s (leucine, isoleucine, and valine) improve muscle recovery and keep fatigue at bay so you can workout harder for longer. BCAA’s have also been found to decrease muscle loss, even in a calorically deficient state (aka when you’re trying to lose fat). They help you keep your muscle while you burn the fat away.

CAFFEINE: A healthy dose of pure caffeine (40mg) gives you enough energy to crush your workout without giving you the jitters or a delayed crash like many other pre-workouts, which can contain upwards of 200-300mg (3 standard cups of coffee) per serving.

ANTIOXIDANTS: Natural blueberry, acai, and green tea extracts deliver powerful antioxidants that promote health and help your body fight off free radicals.

7 reviews for Blueberry Acai Pre-Workout Energizer

  1. Shannon Stahley

    I now have a second favorite Energizer drink!! Loved the cherry limeade AND now love the new blueberry acai! Smooth texture, geat taste and burst of energy that kept me going through my work schedule. It’s my new late afternoon ‘pick me up’ in lieu of coffee and gets me through my after work “mom job.”

  2. Mike

    This product is amazing. The taste is great and I really felt the boost during my workout. Love the fact that it is all natural with no artificial sweeteners. Well done!

  3. Sarah Holsapple

    I tried the pre-workout energy powder this morning before riding the Peloton. Not only did the product taste great, but I had a lot of energy during a pretty difficult ride! I’m also 17-weeks pregnant, so finding energy these days is not easy. The Red Leaf product provided a great outcome. Looking forward to using it more!

  4. Casey

    I use this before, during and after workouts. Gives me great energy especially when I’m dragging in the morning! Love the new flavor and have even used it throughout the day as an alternative to a full serving of coffee. Good price for the quality as well.

  5. Claire Strohl

    For the record, I work for ISN, but I have used various brands of pre-workout in the past and Red Leaf is by far and away my favorite. I’m a CrossFit coach and workout every day (sometimes twice a day!). This is the only pre-workout I trust to put in my body. I love the blueberry acai because it’s all natural and doesn’t use any artificial sweetener. Plus it’s a little more tart than the cranberry lime (also love), which I enjoy.
    I used to use C4 when I did bodybuilding and it always made me super jittery and I would crash after my workout- not to mention my heart rate would spike like crazy during my lifting sessions. With Red Leaf, I get a good boost (sometimes I take 2 scoops for a super tough workout), but I never get the jitters or energy crash. This is the best pre-workout I’ve tried. Can’t recommend it enough.

  6. Bill T

    I use RedLeaf Preworkout before training. I like the extra punch of energy. It does not take much, and tastes great.

  7. Elizabeth

    Just got super bummed when I realized I would finish my pre-workout today and I forgot to reorder!
    This is THE BEST. I have a VERY sensitive tummy, so a lot of pre-workout varieties make me nauseous. RedLeaf nailed it with this product! Tastes great and provides a nice boost without making you feel yucky!!

    I use this before Kickboxing daily, and sometimes a second time in the afternoon for that “wish I could nap at my desk” hour when my energy fizzles out.
    Highly Recommend!! Can’t wait to get my next order/restock! I sure won’t let myself run out again!

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