Can I Take Pre-Workout While Pregnant?

“Is it safe to take pre-workout during pregnancy?”

We get this question a lot from many of our customers and the answer is this: it depends!

Experts recommend limiting caffeine during pregnancy to no more than 300mg per day. Studies have shown that moderate levels of caffeine, defined as 150 – 300mg a day, do not seem to negatively impact a pregnancy. However, the American Pregnancy Association suggests avoiding caffeine as much as possible during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

So what does that mean for taking pre-workout during pregnancy? It totally depends on the brand you use and how much caffeine it contains per serving. Many brands contain upwards of 150mg caffeine in just ONE serving of pre-workout. That’s a significant amount of caffeine to consume in one sitting and we wouldn’t recommend that during pregnancy (or ever, to be honest!).

Our pre-workout, Red Leaf Pe-Workout Energizer, only contains 40mg of caffeine per serving. With such a mild dose of caffeine, many of our customers continue using it throughout the duration of their pregnancy. The average standard cup of coffee (8oz) contains around 95mg of caffeine, and at 40mg caffeine per serving, Red Leaf is a great alternative to coffee to consider during pregnancy. If you or someone you know is pregnant and looking for a lower-caffeine pre-workout, use the code “pregnant”at checkout for 15% off Red Leaf Pre-Workout in both Cranberry Lime and Blueberry Acaí flavors! (That’s almost $5 off…$4.95 to be exact!)

Meet Sarah!

Sarah is one of our favorite Red Leaf Pre-Workout customers and is currently pregnant with her third child. She remained active leading up to her due date with her first two babies and plans to do the same with her third, which makes her one disciplined momma in our opinion.

In addition to being a super-fit, soon-to-be mom of three, Sarah is also a female entrepreneur. She owns and operates Holsapple Communications, a PR company that provides media strategy for a wide variety of clients. All to say, Sarah is a boss lady! And we are honored that she is a loyal Red Leaf customer.

Are you interested in learning how Sarah prioritizes fitness and nutrition during pregnancy? Well then you are in luck! Keep reading to see Sarah’s interview with ISN on how to stay fit and (safely) use pre-workout during pregnancy!

SHfamily18 (1)

1. How do you approach nutrition during pregnancy? Is there anything you try to avoid?

“I approach nutrition during pregnancy similarly to the way I approach nutrition when I’m not pregnant. I try to consume at least three servings of veggies per day, two servings of fruit and very few carbs. I also try to drink 64 oz of water. I do allow myself up to 16 oz of caffeine each day, which I usually get from a morning cup of coffee.”

2. How active are you during pregnancy and for how long?

“I remain pretty active during pregnancy. My typical week consists of three days of CrossFit (I have started to modify weights, burpees and jump-ups), two days on the Peloton and (sometimes) one day of yoga. With my last two pregnancies I was working out all the up until my due date. I hope to do the same with this one!”

3. Do you notice a boost from taking Red Leaf Pre-Workout Energizer? How does it make you feel?

“I do notice a boost from Red Leaf! Not only do I have more energy during my workouts, but I also have more energy when I add Red Leaf to my water during the middle of the day. This is actually my favorite way to use the product!”

4. What’s your favorite thing about Red Leaf Pre-Workout Energizer?

“Aside from liking the way Red Leaf makes me feel, I really enjoy the taste. I’m limited, during pregnancy, to water and (some) coffee which can get boring after awhile. Red Leaf allows me to mix things up a bit and enjoy a good-tasting drink while also getting a boost of energy.”

Sarah is a big fan of the Red Leaf Blueberry Açaí flavor (pictured above). It has a natural tartness from the berries and is sweetened with stevia leaf extract and monk fruit. Aka it contains NO artificial sweeteners. Shop it here now to try it for yourself!

Our original flavor, Cranberry Lime, is a little on the sweeter side (pictured here). Made with natural citrus crystals and pure cranberry extract, it is packed with flavor and antioxidants. Shop Red Leaf Cranberry Lime here now.

RedLeaf PRE-WORKOUT ENERGIZER (Cranberry Lime Flavor) Nutrition

Thank you, Sarah, for sharing how you stay fit and healthy during pregnancy! We hope this helps some of you mommas out there during your own or a friend’s pregnancy.

When it comes to healthy caffeine options to consider for pregnancy, we encourage you to try Red Leaf Pre-Workout Energizer. Whether you’re using it in the gym or as an afternoon pick-me-up like Sarah, the facts remain the same. It’s delicious, it’s healthy, and it’s safe. With only 40mg of caffeine per serving, you can enjoy 1-2 servings of Red Leaf daily and stay well under expert recommendations. Use the code “pregnant” at checkout to save 15% on Red Leaf Pre-Workout!

If you’ve already had your baby and have questions about caffeine use while nursing, check out our friend, Cristin’s, blog here: In her article, she answers all your questions about recommended daily doses of caffeine and the potential impact it can have on your baby’s health.

If you have any questions about Red Leaf Pre-Workout Energizer, feel free to email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • DISCLAIMER: As with any dietary supplement, consult your health care professional before using this product, especially if you are pregnant, nursing, or taking any prescription or OTC medication.