Meet The Family

(In order from left to right, Mike, Val, Claire, Claire’s Husband Michael, Sarah and Rachel)

In May of 2018, Mike and Val Strohl purchased Red Leaf Nutrition to start a family business of their own. They had done a lot in their professional careers, but wanted to grow a family business together with their three daughters, Claire, Rachel and Sarah. The Strohls are all into fitness, as they are proud Crossfit members, personal trainers, and fitness enthusiasts. Red Leaf was the perfect opportunity for them to combine their love of fitness and nutrition with their goal of working together as a family. The company already had quite an impressive following and The Strohl family knew they could take it to even higher heights. Within the last few years, they have done just that. Red Leaf Nutrition has gained 8 new products and even moved to their own warehouse. We want you to get to know a little more about each member of the Strohl family and how they help Red Leaf Nutrition grow each and every day. 


Mike Strohl is the CEO and co-owner of Red Leaf. His extensive knowledge in business allows him to successfully oversee just about everything in the family business. Between accounting, manufacturing, new product rollout and more, Mike dips his toes in just about every aspect of the business. He absolutely loves working alongside his beautiful wife and daughters each and every day. Besides working out, Mike loves to watch his favorite team, The St.Louis Cardinals, and participate in The Indianapolis 500 each summer. “My favorite Red Leaf Product is well…. all of them! What else do you expect from the CEO? Though, I definitely use our Cranberry-Lime Pre-workout Single Serve Packs the most for an awesome boost before HIIT!”


Val Strohl is Mike’s better half of 30 years and co-owner of Red Leaf Nutrition. While she keeps herself busy as a real estate videographer in her personal business, she fills in wherever necessary here at Red Leaf, just as many amazing moms do! Val loves to share Red Leaf’s values with people during sampling events and and interact with the wonderful people in the Red Leaf community. Val is an avid Crossfit exerciser and loves to spend time with her three girls and amazing husband, during family workouts or movie nights. “I absolutely love Red Leaf Blueberry-Acai Pre Workout. I take a scoop of that in my water before I workout and then add in a scoop of Red Leaf Collagen Peptides post-workout. That way I’m getting the awesome boost I need at the gym, along with the protein I need for the day.”


As the Strohl Family likes to say, Claire is the “Director of Everything”. As a personal trainer, athlete, and business professional, Claire brings in a vast amount of knowledge to Red Leaf. While her title may be Director or Business Development, Claire really provides for each element of the business. With e-commerce being the crazy world that it is, especially during Covid, every day comes with new challenges and Claire is always there to figure them out. She helps with business and brand partnerships, content creation and marketing, new product rollout and so much more. Claire has brought, and will continue to bring success to the Red Leaf Nutrition name. “All of our products are so great but my favorite are the Blueberry-Acai Pre-Workout as a dry scoop before a workout, Cranberry-Lime and Blueberry-Acai Pre-Workouts mixed with a sparkling water for an afternoon pick-me-up, and Collagen Peptides to boost vitality. I also love using Red Leaf Recovery Balm as a face mask at night!”


Rachel is Mike and Val’s middle daughter and also has her hands full as a full-time graduate student at the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, working on her Master’s in Anthropology. Rachel is tasked with customer service at Red Leaf and deals with any issues you may have regarding the products. Between comments on Amazon, Google and right here on Red Leaf’s website, Rachel is waiting to help! Since The Strohl Family has such a strong passion for customer service and providing for their amazing customers, Rachel’s role is super important. Her favorite products are Red Leaf Recovery Balm, a family recipe that’s been passed down for generations, and Cranberry-Lime Pre-Workout.


Last but certainly not least is the Strohls youngest daughter, Sarah. Sarah recently became a part of the family business and helps out in the warehouse as much as she can! Down syndrome has never slowed her down one bit, as she spent two years at George Mason University in Virginia and is continuing her education right here in Indiana! Sarah loves to help with the logistics and shipping at Red Leaf and in her free time she works out and hangs with her friends. Red Leaf is SO lucky to have Sarah. “I work so hard and so does the family and it’s a big deal for us. My favorite Red Leaf is Cranberry-Lime because it tastes so good and I love it!”. Mike, Val and the entire Strohl Family love to give their time and resources to the disabled community. In fact, Val says, “Our goal is to have our very own fulfillment center so that we are able to employ people with disabilities, giving them an opportunity to join the workforce with sustainable salaries, just like our beautiful daughter Sarah!”


The Strohl’s are so lucky to have you as a member of their wonderful Red Leaf family and want to extend their gratuity by giving you a promo code! Use code “redleaf” at checkout to receive 10% on any purchase. Also, be sure to sign up for the Red Leaf email list to be the first to know about new products, promotions and future blogs!