Grow Your Own Sprouts!

Chances are if you’ve visited a health-conscious restaurant lately, you’ve seen sprouts on the menu. What are sprouts? Sprouts are young greens that come from seeds that have just recently germinated. Sprouts are then plucked from their seeds and served in a variety of ways including as a sandwich veggie, in stir fry, and in omelets. The possibilities are truly endless! Sprouts are also packed with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. The best part is that sprouts are inexpensive and easy to grow at home. Keep reading to learn how to create your own sprouts mini-garden right in your kitchen!

Grow your own sprouts on sushi

Sprouts on sushi

You’ll need:

  • A jar with a lid (mason jars or old pasta sauce jars work great!)
  • Some kind of screen-like fabric, ie cheesecloth
  • Seeds
    • You can choose from a variety of seeds to grow your sprouts, depending on your tastes! Popular options include alfalfa, kale, and broccoli.
  • Water


Part 1: Starting your setup

First, prep your jar by washing it thoroughly. Measure your cheesecloth to fit over the mouth of the jar and secure the cloth with a metal ring or rubber band. Set aside your cheesecloth lid for tomorrow and get ready to prep your seeds!


You will need fewer seeds than you think to get your sprout jar started. Here are some recommended measurements by jar size:


¾ Tbsp / 250 mL jar

1/5 Tbsp / 500 mL jar

3 Tbsp / 1 L jar


It’s important to thoroughly clean your seeds before adding them to your sprouts jar. Rinse and drain the seeds at least three times over a paper towel or any leftover cheesecloth you may have before adding them in. Some growers recommend taking the extra step of sanitizing the seeds in a 1:10 solution of bleach or hydrogen peroxide before rinsing. Add in enough water to your jar so that the seeds are covered by about 4-5 inches. Screw on your solid lid and let rest at least 8 hours/overnight before coming back to them the next day!


Part 2: Daily maintenance

Each morning and evening, you’ll want to change your sprouts’ water. This is where the cheesecloth lid we made comes into play! After unscrewing your solid lid, secure the cheesecloth lid to your jar and allow the sprouts to drain entirely. You will want to allow the jar to stand for a while (15-30 minutes) to allow all of the water to drain out. Refill with fresh water and repeat twice per day.


Part 3: Enjoy!

Depending on the seeds you picked, your sprouts should be ready in anywhere from 5-7 days! Broccoli and alfalfa are two of the fastest-growing sprouts options and should be sprouting in as early as three days. Be sure to thoroughly rinse your sprouts before consuming them. Keeping the seeds on the sprouts is totally up to you. Store your fresh sprouts in the fridge in an old strawberry or blueberry container with a paper towel underneath to catch any dampness and enjoy!


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