Back to School Fit Tips

August is here, which means the school year is right around the corner! Whether you’re in school yourself or shuffling little ones onto the school bus, we get how difficult it can be to balance the chaos of the school year and taking time for yourself. You need workouts and fitness ideas that are achievable and simple enough to squeeze into your busy lifestyle. Let us help you maximize your energy and time with the back to school fit tips below!

1. Try a Virtual Workout Class

woman does a virtual yoga workout at home with her dog for back to school fit tips

If the process of taking the time to go to a gym or workout studio feels too time-consuming, TONS of popular fitness boutiques and gyms are offering online zoom classes due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This option is not only adaptable to your schedule, it also provides professional workout instruction without sharing germs in the gym. Here are some options still available as of August 3rd:

  • [solidcore] is a high-intensity Pilates studio offering round-the-clock online instruction for the first time in response to COVID-19! To book your first class, click here.
  • Barry’s is offering online fitness instruction with classes starting as early at 6:00 AM and as late as 10:45 PM. With so many class times, there’s definitely something that will fit your schedule! Classes are labeled by what kind of equipment is required and feature the HIIT style workout Barry’s is known for. To book a class, visit Barry’s website, click “Book Now,” and select “At Home.”
  • YogaWorks is live streaming 75 (yes, 75!) classes every single day. Access unlimited classes for just $49/month at their website, or take one of their free online community classes.


Many gyms and fitness instructors have opened up their on-demand archives or extended their free trial period. Check out these on-demand options:

  • Peloton is offering free 30-day access to its vast archive of instructional videos and audios. Sign up online or through the app.
  • OrangeTheory is uploading free, at-home workout videos to their YouTube channel every day! Click here to subscribe to their channel.
  • YouTube sensation Chloe Ting has continued to produce high-energy at-home workouts throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Her workout programs are totally free and range from 14 days to 8 weeks. If you’re looking for a plan to stick to, try out one of Chloe’s plans by visiting her website.


2. Plan Out Your Water Intake

drinking water back to school fit tips

Improving your water intake is one of the most affordable and least time-consuming things you can do to improve your health! However, tracking the amount of water you drink can be easy to forget unless you start with a plan. One easy way to prepare is to fill up the water bottles you want to drink in a day and place them in the fridge before bed, that way they’re ready-to-go in the morning. This method is easy to track, as all you need to do is check the fridge to know how much more water you need to drink that day. Uncertain how much you should be drinking? The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine recommends that women should consume about 2.7 liters of fluid per day, while men should consume around 3.7 liters. If the idea of drinking that much water makes you cringe, consider adding in a powdered drink mix like our Red Leaf Pre-Workout Energizer. Red Leaf has the added benefit of adding antioxidants and BCAAs to your diet. It’s a win-win!


3. Before-You-Shower “Mini-Workout”

mother does yoga workout with child

It’s 9:30 PM and your day is coming to a close. You’re about to start winding down for the evening, but realize that in the busyness of your day, you totally forgot to work out. No worries! This 5 Minute Pre-Shower Workout from Fit Bottomed Girls can be done anywhere, even the bathroom floor if necessary! While not the most intense workout, it’s always good to squeeze in some fitness when you can.


4. Start Weekly Meal Planning & Prepping

meal prep back to school fit tip

This is a key back to school fit tip. If the chaos of your day often ends with you finding yourself in the McDonalds drive-thru, it’s time to start meal planning! Meal planning saves money and can help you stick to diet and fitness goals when your schedule becomes too much to handle. With resources like meal planning templates and meal prep ideas booming on Pinterest, there’s plenty of inspiration out there for whatever kind of cooking styles you like! Here are some of our favorites:


These back to school fit tips should have you feeling ready to tackle this school season! Every day is an opportunity to strive for progress, not perfection. Taking time for yourself during life’s busy seasons is vital to achieving balance. For more back to school fit tips and motivation related content, be sure to subscribe to our blog!