Meet Jenny: The Brain Behind Our Brand!

One of my favorite things about operating a small business is that I have the privilege of working with so many incredibly talented individuals whom I likely would not have met under previous circumstances.

This is particularly true for Jenny Tod (pictured, left).

Meet, Jenny, the creative brain behind the beautiful design of this website, the artist behind all of our logos and graphic design elements, and someone who I now consider a dear friend.

Jenny is a mother, wife, designer and co-owner of a local, independent coffee shop, Indie Coffee Roasters, and creative professional (check out her work here). And that’s not all she does, folks.

Jenny is also an avid runner and, despite her busy schedule and many responsibilities, always tries to keep her health and fitness as a high priority.

All this being said, we wanted to pick her brain to see how Jenny makes time for it all. Find her interview with ISN below and let us know what you think in the comments! Thank you for indulging our curiosity, Jenny!

Question 1: How do you juggle being a full-time mom and (dual!) business owner? Tell us some of your secrets to staying organized and focused?

I’ve quickly realized that the days are more successful when I am able to get up early and get a 30-min workout in. Outside of just having more energy and focus, I feel like I’ve already accomplished something that day and I get off to a better start.

I’m also very intentional with my time. I have learned to say no to the things that don’t help me accomplish my goals or fill me up. I try to give focused time to each area of my professional and personal life and then move along to the next one. Sometimes this means scheduling out my days with not just professional meetings but with personal time as well.

Time with my son, husband or friends, time to work out, even personal time for doing whatever I choose all make their way onto my daily calendar.

Question 2: In addition to designing and owning a successful local coffee shop, you provide strategic thinking and creative design for a variety of clients, ISN included! What inspires you when starting a new project?

I get inspired by the purpose, goals, and mission of each individual company or client I work with. I love coming alongside businesses that are driven and encouraged to make a difference in the lives of the people they serve. I ultimately want to help them convey a concise and targeted message, both visually and verbally, to their customers.

I start each new project by turning on some music, finding an inspiring place to work, and sketching! There is something inspiring, as a designer who spends most of their time in front of a screen, to take pencil to paper.

Question 3: You’re extremely busy with work and family- how do you make your health a priority and why?

A healthy lifestyle is paramount for me. There was a time where I neglected my health, both by eating poorly and not making time to exercise, and I felt horrible.

The minute I realized I had to make a change, I saw a dramatic difference in the way I felt throughout the day, the amount I was able to accomplish in a day, and the type of person I was to be around. You have to fuel your body well to be your best self.

Question 4: What is your favorite type of exercise and why?

Running has been my go-to for the last couple of years. Although I didn’t grow up running (I was a high school athlete and HATED running).

I’ve come to love the time I get to exercise, think, and clear my head. It gives me a way to disconnect and enjoy the world around me, marvel in what God has created, and be joyful.

I’m competitive by nature, so it’s also given me an opportunity to compete with myself and work to improve my time each race.

Question 5: Last question- and we want you to dream big here- what product or type of product would you like to see ISN bring to the market in 2019?

As you can imagine, my lifestyle is a bit busy. Sometimes I need a quick meal option that is healthy and delicious, that doesn’t require a lot of preparation. I would love to see a meal replacement option from ISN that could also help provide natural energy and protein to sustain me for a quick on-the-go-meal!

If you are looking for someone to re-vamp your brand, provide strategic marketing direction, or simply consult on advertising and marketing strategy, we cannot recommend Jenny highly enough.

We have thoroughly enjoyed working with her and know you will, too! Contact her here to get started!

Do you agree with Jenny that you’d like to see a meal replacement product from ISN in the near future? Let us know in the comments. Click here to browse our current product selection now!