What are the Benefits of Yarrow?

One of the main ingredients in Red Leaf Recovery Balm is organic wild yarrow, a flowering plant native to North America known to have antibacterial, anesthetic, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties. The plant’s leaves, flowers, and stem have historically been used for everything from stopping bleeding to easing stomach cramps. Yarrow’s medicinal properties make it a natural remedy for every day burns, cuts, and scrapes and a powerful ingredient in Red Leaf Recovery Balm.



Our healing herbal salve is 100% natural and cruelty-free, making it a great option for those seeking environmentally responsible wellness remedies. Recovery Balm is formulated with every day, on-the-go consumers in mind, and is made with healing properties for both the weightlifter with ripped callouses and the 5-year-old who fell off their bike and scratched their knee. Read on to learn how customers are using Recovery Balm and the medicinal magic of yarrow!


Scratch on woman's nose prior to using Red Leaf Recovery Balm with YarrowScratch on woman's nose after using Red Leaf Recovery Balm with Yarrow


Kristen E.

When my dog accidentally scratched my nose, I was so nervous that I’d have a nasty scar. I applied Red Leaf Recovery Balm 3xs per day and within just a few days almost all of the redness was gone and it’s barely noticeable! So happy with the results of this product!




Young woman's face prior to applying Red Leaf Recovery Balm with Yarrow

Day 1


Rick W.

“I don’t know what you put on my finger, but it closed up!” What did you say? I asked.  “Usually it takes three days to close…it happened overnight.  It’s red, but it doesn’t hurt.” This is what my 10-year old said to me when she woke up.  She cut her finger yesterday, and we used Red Leaf Recovery Balm. #sorcery


My daughter was riding her bike and had a nasty spill that banged her up pretty good. We started applying Recovery Balm immediately and you can see how quickly it’s healing. The pictures were all taken within 72 hours of the accident.

Young woman's face after applying Red Leaf Recovery Balm with Yarrow

Day 2

Young woman's face after applying Red Leaf Recovery Balm with Yarrow

Day 3