Springtime Skincare Routine

As the spring awakens and the earth begins to transition to a new season, our skincare must also transition to the changing weather. With the increase in sunshine, UV protection becomes a larger concern during the spring and many people struggle to find an SPF product that is light enough for the face. Luckily, I have tried and tested tens of the top sunscreens and face products to give you the perfect, dewy skin routine for the spring. 


1. Exfoliate

The cold, winter months have dried up our skin and now it’s time to exfoliate that dead skin off and start with a fresh clean face. Though, be careful not to over-exfoliate as that can damage the moisture barrier of your skin. These three exfoliants are the perfect options for getting rid of the rest of that winter skin without irritation. 

2. Collagen

Not only are the Red Leaf Collagen Peptides perfect for maintaining long beautiful nails and luscious locks, but they are also the perfect supplement for smooth, elastic skin. Just as we do from the outside, we must also nurture our skin from the inside and collagen is the perfect solution. With 10g of collagen and 9g of protein, Red Leaf Collagen Peptides can be mixed into any drinks and even food, try some of our recipes here. Luckily, our Recovery products are on sale this month with our ‘Recovery Bundle Deal’. When you purchase 2 or more Red Leaf Recovery products at our website, you will receive 20% off your entire order. This deal won’t last long so place your order today to see the amazing results collagen has on our skin.  

3.  Sunscreen

While, yes, sunscreen is extremely important all year round, it is most important to lather it on in the spring and summer months as the UV rays get stronger. If you are someone that struggles with breakouts from sunscreen, no need to worry. I have had the same issue in the past as well and have found these three lightweight face sunscreens that will not cause acne flare-ups.

4.  Be careful with topical treatments

Many prescription and OTC treatments for common skin concerns, like acne, are extremely sensitive to sunlight and can cause burns. With the increase of sun exposure as the temperature increases, make sure you carefully read the labels and stay out of the sun if needed. Also, be sure to chat with your doctor and/or dermatologist as the summer months begin.

5.  Continue to moisturize

The cold weather may not be around the dry out our skin, but the sun sure is. Moisturizing in the spring and summer is just as important, but you want a lightweight cream that you can layer with your SPF product. The Red Leaf Recovery Balm is the perfect hydrator, especially as an overnight mask or on top of sunburn. Other than our Recovery Balm, I’ve included my two other favorite moisturizers that are extremely lightweight. Again, the ‘Recovery Bundle’ is a great deal, but won’t last long, so try your Recovery Balm today. 

6.  Include Vitamin C

Springtime is the perfect time to start adding a topical Vitamin C serum to your daily skin routine. Believe it or not, Vitamin C enhances the effectiveness of your SPF products and also stimulates collagen production – it’s a win-win! After I started including this serum into my skin routine I saw a clear difference in the UV protection from the sun and a decrease in dark spots and scars on my face. I’ve included the three best Vitamin C serums.      



Adapting your skincare routine to the ever-changing weather can seem like such a difficult task, not to mention quite expensive. Though, I am hopeful that adding these few tips into your routine will make all the difference this spring season and make for less sunburn, breakouts, and everything in between. Use code RedLeaf10 at checkout for 10% off your purchase and don’t forget to take advantage of our new Recovery Bundle deal, happening for a limited time.