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Peppermint-Scented Recovery Balm

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Naturally-scented with peppermint essential oil, Red Leaf Recovery Balm is an all-natural herbal healing salve made from a plant called Yarrow, which is commonly found in the Northern Hemisphere and has long been used for its healing and medicinal properties. Yarrow skin cream has many healing, anti-inflammatory properties and is used to heal minor wounds, cuts, and scrapes. It has even been said to have anti-fungal, anesthetic, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial properties.

As with all of our products, the ingredients are transparently labeled on the container with no additives of any kind or “proprietary blends”.  We believe you have a right to know what you are putting on and in your body in every product we make.  Besides, with Red Leaf Recovery Balm, there is no reason to hide behind anything other than the all-natural ingredients in this healing herbal salve with wild yarrow.  The product speaks for itself.  Our family has used this product for generations to treat skin irritations, cuts, etc. and we are thrilled to share this product with our customers.

Recommended uses for Red Leaf Recovery Balm:

  • to help heal skin tears and cuts from barbell, kettlebell, and gymnastic work
  • to treat minor burns, blisters, chafing and skin rashes associated with your exercise and lifestyle regimen
  • to soothe and heal skin dryness and itching
  • to relieve itching and swelling from bug bites for all the outdoor enthusiasts

Ingredients:  natural Yarrow, vegetable oil, candelilla wax, and yarrow essential oil, peppermint essential oil

Instructions (For external use only): apply up to a quarter-sized amount of Red Leaf Recovery Balm to the affected area and lightly massage into skin. Cover area with a bandage, wrap, or gauze and change frequently. Apply as many times as necessary throughout the day. Happy healing!”

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Weight 2 oz

1 review for Peppermint-Scented Recovery Balm

  1. Aaron (verified owner)

    During winter months, my hands really suffer from dryness. I typically rely on lotions but I do not care for most scents. This product provides the healing and soothing properties I desire, without all the perfumes that come with other products. Once my wife tried it, she promptly added the jar to her side of the bathroom. I have since had to hide it from her 🙂

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