Spring Break Staycation



         This year spring break is looking a little different. Personally, as a college student, my spring break is canceled and I know many other schools are following suit to reduce Covid-19 cases. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t take a break from your busy schedule and celebrate the arrival of a new, warmer season. We’ve put together a list of Covid-friendly, socially distanced spring break ‘staycation’ ideas for you, your friends, and your family to try. Even just for a long weekend a few miles away from home, setting time away from the computer and work is so great for our mental health and we urge you to spend quality time with those you love at the same time. 


Search the site for wonderful little places in your city. There are so many options to choose from at great prices and most are extremely Covid safe. Whether it’s a little cabin in the middle of the woods or a little cottage near a lake, you will find an adorable getaway close to home. 

  • Drive-in movie night

If you’re lucky enough to have one of these amazing gems close to you, I totally recommend going. Not only are drive-in movie theaters socially distanced, but they also provide such a fun sense of nostalgia. 

  • At-home spa day

We could all use a spa day, amirite? Use large bowls or Tupperware to soak your feet and hands and then have fun painting your nails. Don’t forget about the homemade face masks!

  • Go on a nearby hike

I guarantee there are beautiful hikes and trails near you that you have yet to explore. Take a weekend to try as many as you can. Use Red Leaf pre-Workout Energizer to give you the perfect boost of energy to conquer that hike. This website, AllTrails, is a database with over 100,000 hikes and trails in the United States. 

  • No technology for the day 

Spending a day or two with all of your technology turned off and stored away is a perfect cleanse for the mind, body, and soul. Forcing ourselves into an offline world, you can play board games, do arts and crafts and just spend quality time without the distraction of texts and emails. 

  • Take a virtual class, cooking, exercise

Like most events today, Zoom is a great place to learn new skills and stay in shape. There are so many classes from a local chef or a Zumba class in a different country. The amazing thing about this crazy world we’re in is that we can be closer than ever, connected simply by the internet.


Although this year is so different for many reasons, having fun shouldn’t be one of them. Try out these few staycation ideas and hopefully by next year, spring break will be back to normal. Tag us in your staycation photos on our Instagram @redleafnutrition and use redleaf10 at checkout for 10% off on any of our products.