Natural Alternative to Antibiotic Ointment

Consumers like you deserve to have confidence in what you’re putting on your bodies. You deserve the peace of mind when you treat your children’s scrapes and scratches. More than anything, you deserve to know and trust the ingredients in the products you turn to in times of trouble or injury.

That’s why we created Red Leaf Recovery Balm, an organic, natural alternative to antibiotic ointment. Recovery Balm is intentionally formulated with just four simple healing ingredients with no complicated or unfamiliar chemical names. Our product is powered by wild-harvested yarrow, an all-natural, organic superflower with incredible healing properties, and is safe for minor skin wounds, cuts, scrapes, chafing, skin irritation, burns, dry skin, and more.

Natural Alternative to Antibiotic Ointment

Why Yarrow?

Yarrow is commonly found in the Northern Hemisphere and has long been used for its healing and medicinal properties. It has even been said that the plant was used in Medival times to staunch wounds during battle. Our yarrow is wild-harvested, all-natural, and organic. Yarrow is known for its anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial, and antifungal properties, and can be used on a variety of wounds and scrapes for healing and protection. We use yarrow as a natural healer in our Recovery Balm because of our commitment to transparent, high-quality, natural ingredients.


Recommended Uses

Recovery Balm’s uses as a natural alternative to antibiotic ointment are truly endless. With three different scents to chose from, there’s something for everyone! Here are some of our favorite uses:

  • to help heal skin tears and cuts from barbell, kettlebell, and gymnastic work
  • to treat minor burns, blisters, chafing, and skin rashes associated with your exercise and lifestyle regimen.
  • to soothe and heal skin dryness and itching
  • to relieve itching and swelling from bug bites for all the outdoor enthusiasts.

To use Recovery Balm, apply up to a quarter-sized amount of product to the affected area and lightly massage into skin. Cover the area with a bandage, wrap, or gauze and change frequently. Apply as many times as necessary throughout the day. Happy healing!