How to workout on vacation

how to workout on vacation
In our last post with healthy vacation tips, one of the areas we discussed was exercising while on the road. How to workout on vacation is definitely a challenge we’ve faced ourselves, and a question we get from friends and family looking to continue leading their healthy lifestyle even while on the road.

How to workout on vacation

There are many challenges to exercising while traveling. For one thing, you’re simply off of your normal routine. 90% of your decisions are habitual, so while you may find it easy to have the motivation to workout while you’re in your day to day routine, finding that same motivation in a new environment without any of your normal cues is tough. Additionally, you won’t normally have access to a lot of equipment; if you’re fortunate enough to be on vacation close enough to a CrossFit box or other boutique fitness gym you got very lucky! Many don’t have this luxury. Finally, from a time standpoint it is likely you don’t want to spend 60-90 minutes each day while on vacation working out.

So what do we do to solve this?

We think up a workout which can be adapted for almost any amount of time you have, requires no warm up, and zero equipment. Anywhere you have access to a flat road, treadmill, or even stationary bike will work!

How to workout on vacation | Burp & Run

This workout is called “Burp & Run” because it combines two of the simplest exercises to do anywhere: burpees and running.

You can change out the running for biking or another cardio component, as well, so you don’t really have any excuse for not knowing how to workout on vacation; don’t let accessibility or equipment stop you!

For a longer workout, add additional rounds. If you need to be started and done with your workout faster, simply subtract rounds. You can adapt this to your level and your time as needed.

  1. Grab a watch of some kind – your phone is fine, as well.
  2. If using a phone, download an interval timer, and set the timer to buzz every 5:00. If using a watch, set it to do the same.
  3. Use this first 5:00 interval to do a nice and easy warm up. Jog for 1:00, followed by 10 air squats, 10 leg swings per leg, and 10 push ups. Repeat until the 5:00 timer is done.
  4. Now the workout begins. At the start of the next 5:00 timer, complete 10 burpees and run (or do your cardio of choice) the remaining time.
  5. Repeat 6 more times for a total of 7 intervals, and 40 minutes of movement. Subtract rounds as needed based on time or conditioning level!

This is an insanely easy way to address the constant problem of how to workout on vacation. You’ll work up a great sweat, burn a ton of calories, and rest easy knowing you’ve continued your healthy lifestyle!