Amazon Prime Day is Almost Here!

If you thought Prime Day was awesome before, you are going to love what Amazon is doing for Prime Day 2019!

That’s right, mark your calendars because this year Prime Day is lasting for 48 HOURS! From 12:01am on July 15th, through end of day on July 16th, you can shop all your favorite products at a fraction of the price. And the best news yet? That includes Red Leaf Pre-Workout Energizer!

During select hours on July 15th & 16th, you can save between $4 and $8 on Red Leaf Pre-Workout Energizer. That’s up to 25% off!

Have you tried Red Leaf Pre-Workout before? If not, let us tell you a little bit about it.

We made Red Leaf Pre-Workout because we just couldn’t find a healthy energy supplement on the market that tasted good and didn’t leave us feeling jittery all day. We aren’t professional athletes in need of hardcore supplementation, and we weren’t looking for a pre-workout to send our heart rates through the roof.

That’s when we decided to make Red Leaf, a clean, healthy pre-workout that everyone can use. Everyone is the mom rushing to get her kids to school before heading off to work. Everyone is the student who needs a little energy in between studying and going to the gym. Everyone is the guy who is working really hard to lose those extra ten pounds. Everyone is everyone. And that’s exactly who Red Leaf is made for.

Red Leaf Pre-Workout contains high quality ingredients including BCAA’santioxidants, pure caffeine, and beta-alanine. We use meaningful amounts of all of these ingredients to give you a clean, healthy energy boost that won’t leave you with an energy crash or the jitters.

You can learn more about Red Leaf Pre-Workout by checking out our Amazon Store here.

Whether you’ve been drinking Red Leaf for years, or you’re looking to try something new, don’t miss out on all of these amazing Prime Day savings! Mark your calendars for July 15th and 16th and bookmark Red Leaf Pre-Workout so it’s as easy as a couple of clicks.

Happy July 1!