Ways to Stay Active this Fourth of July

In the past when I thought of the Fourth of July, being active outside did not come to mind. When I think of the fourth of July I think of fireworks, spending time with family and of course food! Fourth of July is celebrated differently by people throughout the United States and has been one of my favorite holidays for as long as I can remember.

Last summer, the Fourth of July was different for me. It was the first Fourth of July that working out was at the top of my priority list.

My new year’s resolution in 2020 was to run a half marathon and time spent in quarantine pushed that goal closer to reality. Flashback to a year ago, I was planning my longest run to date, seven miles, on the Fourth of July. To be completely honest, excited is close to the last word I would use to describe how I was feeling about that run.

My mom, dad, and I got an early start on the Fourth of July; my parents on the bike and me on foot. It wasn’t easy for me to get on a run, especially not on the Fourth of July, but having my mom with me made it that much easier.

With holidays, especially the Fourth of July, there is a huge push to consume food, alcohol and whatever else is “needed” to celebrate. Running on the Fourth of July last year set the tone of the day unlike anything else.

This Fourth of July, I challenge you to get moving.

Just like celebrating the Fourth of July, being active can take many different forms for different people. If a high-intensity outdoor workout isn’t you, don’t sweat it! And if it is, power to you. Red Leaf is here to support you in all that you do!

Here are some ideas on how to stay active this holiday:


A simple walk around your neighborhood or a local park is a great way to get up and active on the Fourth of July without overheating. Not only is walking good for your physical health but getting moving can help with your mental health as well! As a treat, bring Red Leaf Immunity as a refreshing cool down! With a small boost of caffeine for energy, and recovery ingredients like B vitamins, amino acids, electrolytes, it’s a delicious way to hydrate after exercising.

Lawn Games

Games like Spikeball and KanJam seemingly became popular overnight, but don’t discount them as a fun way to workout. Getting active doesn’t mean you have to go far! Playing catch, or shooting hoops are all great ways to get your body moving, especially this time of year!


Fueling after being active hiking!

If adventure is your thing, hiking is a great outdoor activity this time of year. Try hiking local trails or make a trip out of it! Hiking has all the benefits of walking with a bit more challenge. Be sure to fuel up beforehand with Red Leaf Blueberry Acai Pre-Workout and toss a few single-serve Cranberry Lime Pre-Workout packets into your bag in case you need a little mid-trail pick-me-up.


Biking is another great way to get moving while seeing awesome sights near you! If you are in the Indianapolis area, the Monon trail is an awesome option for a long or short ride. While biking is a low-impact workout, adding in Red Leaf Collagen Peptides before or after for a protein boost will help strengthen muscles and help prevent joints from becoming worn.

Fueling after being active outdoors

Team Games

The Fourth of July is a great time to spend time with friends and family, so why not get a group together and head to your local park for a game of soccer, football, or volleyball? Team sports are a great way to be active, without even realizing how hard you are working. There’s no better way to start the holiday than with a bit of friendly competition!

Cool Down

Stretching after your workout is super important! Afterwards you can cool down with a Red (Leaf), White and Blue popsicle. For more info check out our recipe here! (Hint: freeze Cranberry Lime Pre-Workout mixed with a scoop of Blueberry Acai Pre-Workout and Collagen Peptides, freeze in popsicle molds and enjoy!)

At the end of the day, my favorite part of the Fourth of July has always been spending time with family and friends.

Last year, going on a long run on a hot Fourth of July was not something I was looking forward to, but having my parents by my side made it much more enjoyable. Over the past year, I have found that being active does not have to be a daunting experience and doing it with people you care about makes it even more enjoyable!

Enjoy 15% off sitewide with code: redleaf to celebrate the holiday and get active. From our Red Leaf family to yours, have a safe and happy Fourth of July!