Waking Up From Covid Winter Feat. Wellness By Sav


      Each spring, as the snow melts and warmth begins to fill the air, we begin waking up from our winter haze and getting back to our normal routines. This year is no exception! To look and feel your best for those beach vacations, family visits, and 2021 plans, it’s important to prepare ourselves. But this type of change to our routines can be difficult for our bodies and minds to adjust to. To help us figure out where to start we looked to our newest Red Leaf Ambassador, Savannah Dysard, Founder of Wellness By Sav, for some insight into her integrative approach to nutrition and wellness. Check out what she has to say below


“We often associate waking up, making changes, creating intentions and resolutions with the new year, but that always felt so silly to me. Why would we force our bodies to awaken from our winter rest in the dead of the winter season? Spring is when the flowers start to bloom, hibernation ends, the sun peeks out, and our bodies are ready to shake off the wintery cobwebs. In my opinion, we should honor our body’s natural inclination to wait out the winter and embrace the urge to awaken in spring.


But what should you do to dust off those cobwebs and welcome this brighter season? 


1.  Make time to set some intentions for the year.

You can reference my blog post “New Year, New Me?” for a guided activity on setting intentions to achieve your goals. In short, get out your calendar and actually block off 30 minutes for yourself to get out the journal and dedicate some time to thinking about your 2021 intentions. Be kind to yourself. This should be a moment to reflect on your year to date, manifest your wants and needs, and spend time on yourself. Make sure to actually write these down on paper. It’s important for us to see the words on paper. You’d be surprised at how the simple act of writing out our goals can ignite a fire and empowerment in us moving forward!


2.  Incorporate some movement into your routine.

Oftentimes our bodies slow down in the winter season. We might prefer to cuddle up and nest rather than move our bodies. First, I’d like to acknowledge that cuddling up and nesting is absolutely fine and perfect. Listen to what your body wants and needs. Next, I’d love to offer the intention of incorporating some light movement into the body this spring. Especially after a year of being inside due to the global pandemic, it’s important for us to give our bodies the attention they need and deserve. Yoga is a great way to get the body moving, ignite bodily functions, shake off the cobwebs, and break a sweat. Hold yourself accountable by signing up for multiple classes in advance. You can try out my live, virtual yoga classes for free by signing up for my newsletter at wellnessbysav.com. Don’t forget to add Red Leaf Pre-Workout into your fitness routine to help boost your energy.


3.  Spring cleaning!

Did you know that a messy space can clutter the brain too? I often feel more anxious when I step into a messy apartment or kitchen or bedroom. You might even get worse sleep or have trouble waking up if your bedroom is crowded with clutter and distraction. This spring, start small. Make a list of the spaces or rooms or cabinets that you would like to declutter and plan out one or two hours in your week to get creative with that space. Throw out what doesn’t serve you or hold a space of joy, buy some new organization supplies, and inspire yourself!


I’ll be sharing my spring cleansing process in more depth on my Instagram throughout April. Click here to follow along and learn more!”


We absolutely love getting to share our space with our amazing ambassadors. Thank you, Savannah for sharing your knowledge about waking up and blooming into our bodies for spring. Let us know what you think on our Instagrams @RedLeafNutrition and @WellnessBySav.