Why Should I Take Beta Alanine?

Why even bother taking beta-alanine? What is it going to give you?

These are legitimate questions. To be 100% transparent and honest, if your pre-workout doesn’t include BCAAs and Beta-Alanine, you’re better off with coffee or tea.

Because caffeine is caffeine, and the coffee or tea is probably cheaper than your pre-workout.

It also lacks the benefits of these amino acids.

So, why take beta-alanine? I’ll keep it short and simple for today. Here are the top 3 reasons:

  1. It improves performance in all workouts by increasing work capacity (how long and hard you can go before taking a break)
  2. It has antioxidant properties, to help fight free radicals in your cells
  3. Beta-alanine can help boost your immune system

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