What is Pre-Workout Used For?

If you’re in the market for your very first fitness supplement, the number of options you have can feel overwhelming. The onslaught of “advice” from fitness enthusiasts may have you uncertain of who to trust or what products truly work. Our September blog series is focused entirely around breaking down the basics of fitness supplements, starting with the number one most asked question by those new to the world of workout supplements: What is Pre-Workout Used For?


In short, pre-workout may traditionally be used shortly before beginning a hard workout, but for a formula like Red Leaf, pre-workout can have many applications as a boost in energy throughout the day. There are three key areas to consider when thinking about pre-workout and its uses: benefits, ingredients, and caffeine quantity.


What is Pre-Workout Used For?



If you’re researching pre-workout’s many uses, odds are that you’ve heard that pre-workout can give you a boost of energy and endurance. This is true! Most pre-workouts, including Red Leaf, contain caffeine and other active ingredients to give you an extra “kick” of motivation before working out or starting your day. Taking a pre-workout about 15 minutes before you hit the gym can lead to improved endurance and energy throughout the duration of your workout. If you often find yourself gassed at the end of the workday or after a high-intensity workout, pre-workout may be the perfect product for you.



Sourcing a pre-workout with ingredients that support your goals is an important first step when diving into fitness supplements. Here at Red Leaf, we formulate our pre-workout with just 40 mg of caffeine per serving. This amount is perfect for users looking for an extra kick without a crash or jitters at the end. We also formulate our pre-workouts with ingredients like beta-alanine, BCAAs, and amino acids for endurance, muscle recovery, and immune health.  We’re proud to list each ingredient and its precise amount right on the label; we don’t need to hide behind “proprietary blends.”


Caffeine Quantity

Caffeine quantity is a crucial consideration when choosing a pre-workout and should be weighed against the activities you plan to use your pre-workout for. For instance, if you’re a ripped gym rat who has been taking pre-workout all your life, you’re probably safe going with a high-caffeine pre-workout. For everyone else- and especially those new to pre-workout- excessively high caffeine levels are just unnecessary. One of the main reasons we made Red Leaf with a mild dose of caffeine was because we saw users who were seeking a pre-workout without the jitters or crash caused by high-caffeine competitors.