Staying Motivated Amid Challenging Circumstances

Remaining motivated when it feels like nothing is going your way is HARD. With the compounding effects of multiple challenging circumstances between work, home, and COVID-19, it can feel more difficult than ever to remain steadfast in chasing your goals while accomplishing everything that the day demands. While we weather this storm together, here are some quarantine-safe ideas to keep you motivated amidst the challenges we face in this season of life.

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Plan for Tomorrow Today

Make a to-do list for the following morning before going to bed

  • Have you ever laid awake in bed at night thinking about all of the things you need to tackle in the coming day and worrying yourself into a procrastination spiral? One way to avoid another restless night is to practice a “brain dump” before bed. By taking a few minutes to physically write down the things you would like to accomplish in the coming day, you can free your brain to turn off its droning task manager and fall into a peaceful sleep. An additional benefit is that you are less likely to forget an item on your to-do list the coming day!

Plan your outfit the night before

  • This is my number one motivation trick and is the perfect way to push yourself to “dress for success.” While simple, laying out my workout or workday clothes the night before starts my day off on the right foot and helps me avoid the temptation of wearing sweatpants every day while I work from home. Laying out my workout clothes also gives a physical barrier that I have to address to avoid completing my morning workout, which helps guarantee that I do the workout I had planned rather than pushing it off until later.

Recap your day in a journal

  • Journaling is another great way to practice an end of the day brain dump. If you struggle with staying awake at night recapping the day and certain situations you wish had gone differently, journaling can be a great way to process your feelings and find peace before heading to bed.


Make the Hard Tasks Fun

Create a themed playlist

  • Music is a huge motivator in my life. Studies have shown that music can have a measurable impact on your motivation by causing the brain to release additional dopamine. Creating and listening to a themed playlist surrounding your goal or task at hand can be a great productive break and can give you the extra “push” to remain motivated through the rest of your day. If you’re looking for a pre-made playlist, Spotify has numerous curated playlists for every mood and activity, including Motivation MixPeaceful Piano, Power Workout, and Power Hour.

Plan scheduled breaks

  • Working from home can make your workday feel like it’s 24 hours. Planning scheduled breaks throughout your day can help preserve your sanity and make the time go a little faster. Schedule a walk through your neighborhood, take the time to bake some cookies, or just catch up on Netflix for a moment to relax and recharge before starting in on your next task.

Incorporate self-care into your daily routine

  • Sitting in a chair on your laptop all day cannot be good for your physical or mental health. Incorporating self-care through regular stretching is one great way to break up your daily routine in a way beneficial to your health. Check out our recent blog post here on some of our favorite stretches for working from home.

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Put it Out Into the Universe

Discuss your challenges with family and friends

  • Accountability is a huge factor in remaining motivated and on-task. When we tell others about our challenges and goals, it becomes harder to back out or procrastinate when the situation becomes sticky. Discuss your challenges with family, friends, or an accountability partner to motivate yourself and receive affirmation and encouragement as you tackle the next item on your to-do list.

Write down a timeline for the goal or tasks at hand

  • Breaking down a major task into a smaller, step-by-step timeline can make the impossible to-do list items you have been procrastinating seem much more manageable. Take a moment to create a timeline for the home improvement project or work-related task you have been putting off during quarantine and make a plan on how you will tackle each task moving forward.

Seek out groups of people dealing with the same thing

  • Struggling with a job search? Looking for workout accountability? Seeking tips on training your dog? There’s a Facebook group for all of those problems! Facebook groups can be a great way to connect with people seeking motivation and advice for the same things you are and they are free to join. From networking to hobby collecting and everything in between, there is probably a Facebook group for the unique challenge you are facing. Consider joining one during your quarantine to virtually connect with others with similar interests.