Staying Healthy During the Holidays

Staying Healthy During the Holidays | Health Plan

Thanksgiving is next week! And as the holidays approach, it can be easy to let your health goals slide. At ISN, we want to help you stay on track with our Healthy During the Holidays Program!

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What to Expect with Our Holiday Health Plan

With your subscription, you will receive a weekly instructional video with some of our favorite fitness and nutrition tips. We are committed to keeping you on track with your fitness goals this holiday season in both the gym and the kitchen. To help you reach your fitness goals, we will provide you with printable PDFs each week to keep you accountable with weekly challenges and goals! These are a great way to help track of your progress towards your fitness goals and keep you focused on your health throughout the holiday season.

But our giveaway is not only about a chance to win free recipes. It is also a chance to gain an amazing community through our private Facebook group for subscribers only. Think of it as a place to build a community with people who are interested in fitness and can support you as we enter into the crazy holiday season!  Plus you’ll have access to additional recipes, weekend workout ideas, and special savings on ISN product! All you have to do is subscribe and accept your invitation to join in the first email.

At ISN, we value our subscribers and the support you give us! Stay tuned! We will be offering a chance to win a special prize for subscribing and posting about us on your own social media

This holiday season, join the ISN community by subscribing TODAY!