Stay Organized This Holiday Season!

It’s the holiday season everybody! And with the presents and decorations and dinner parties, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and disorganized. At Integrated Sports Nutrition, we want to help you stay organized this holiday season with some of our favorite tips and tricks.


A healthy diet can be the first thing to slide when the stress of the holiday season is upon us. We want to help you keep you geared towards your fitness goals with healthy, easy, and delicious recipes. All you have to do is subscribe to between now and November 22nd and you can win FREE recipes all throughout the holiday season!


Organize and Manage your Social Calendar:


With the holiday season comes the inevitable tide of invitations to dinners, parties, and seasonal activities from our loved ones. And while it’s tempting to accept every invite, an over-crowded calendar can become very stressful! Don’t feel bad about turning down a party invitation if you know you already have three other events that weekend. Keep your social calendar manageable so you can enjoy all your events while still making time for yourself!


Schedule your Workouts:


As your calendar fills up with social events, it can be easy to neglect your workouts. An easy way to help stick to your fitness goals is to schedule your workouts in advance! Write out your workouts as if they were an appointment in your calendar. You’re less likely to cancel on yourself if you have written a workout appointment by hand! This also ensures you don’t schedule social events during your workout times!


Declutter as you Decorate:


One of the most popular pastimes during the holidays is decorating your home. However, all the added decoration can make your place feel more cluttered than festive. An easy fix is to organize your home as you decorate! When looking for your lights, donate or toss any extra possessions or decorations you no longer need. And as an added bonus, it can help free up some space for any gifts you might receive during the season. Decluttering helps remove stress and creates a festive, not cluttered, environment for the holidays!


The holiday season can be a time of great joy but also a time of great stress. Our tips and tricks are here to help you balance the holiday season with your fitness goals. And remember, if you subscribe to, we can help you manage your time with FREE recipes!