Small Business Gift Guide

We all know 2020 has been a hectic year, but small businesses have been hit particularly hard from lockdowns, lay-offs, and other economic consequences of COVID-19. As you are making your Christmas lists and shopping for family and friends this year, we encourage you to shop with your favorite local mom and pop shops and smaller online retailers. Not sure where to go? We’ve got your back with our Small Business Gift Guide!

Workout at Summit Fitness (Zionsville, IN)


1. Buy a class pass at a local gym.

Whether you are shopping for you or a friend, there is no better gift (especially this year) than the gift of health. With flu season and corona virus in full swing, it’s more important than ever to stay healthy and one of the best ways to do that is through exercise. If the gyms are open in your area and you’re looking to switch up your routine, try out one of the local boutique gyms with your partner or a friend! If you’re in the Indianapolis area and are looking for a community of fun, healthy people working to become their best selves, check out Summit Fitness. Other local gyms we love in the Indy area include F45 North Fishers (shout out to our ambassador, Coach Chris!) and F45 West Carmel! You can’t go wrong with the great coaches and bumping atmosphere at F45.

Shop local with Midwest Estate Buyers (Zionsville, IN)


2. Buy from local jewelers. 

Instead of shopping at big box retailers for the perfect watch, necklace, ring or earrings, try stopping by your local jewelry store this year. Places like Macy’s and Nordstrom have tons of products to offer, but your local jeweler is likely to have more interesting and unique pieces at competitive prices. If you have a jewelry lover in your family (cough, cough if my husband is reading this), a piece from your local jeweler is particularly meaningful. My family’s favorite jeweler in the Indy area is Midwest Estate Buyers in Zionsville, IN. The service is excellent, the jewelry is unique and beautiful, and Brian and his staff are knowledgable and attentive. If you don’t know of any independent jewelers in your area, you can also browse websites like Etsy I’ve linked one of my favorite independent jewelers on Etsy called sam N’ sue here.

Stock up on meals from HercuLean Meal Prep (Indpls, IN)


3. Outsource your meal prep to local vendors.

Most of us are focused on one thing after the holidays are over: getting our diets back on track. There is nothing wrong with enjoying the holiday festivities, but there comes a time when we’re all ready to throw away the extra cookies and casseroles and get back to business. But the holiday season is busy and sometimes it’s hard to find the time to get to the store and then spend the whole day cooking and cleaning the kitchen. Worry not, friends! There are TONS of local vendors that make healthy pre-packaged meals. Our favorite company in Indianapolis is HercuLean Meal Prep. The meals are flavorful, the macros are outstanding, and the owners and team are super friendly and helpful. If you aren’t in the Indianapolis area, google “meal prep near me” and you will see just how many independent meal preppers are out there waiting for your order!

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4. Shop your favorite vendors from THEIR websites.

If you shop from any small businesses on larger online marketplaces, order online from their websites for holiday gifts instead. Speaking as a small business, it always feels extra special and meaningful to us when our customers visit our website, engage with our content, and shop from us directly. We love to package your order and include extra coupon codes and details that we can’t always include when you’re buying from the larger marketplaces where we aren’t packaging your order. The holidays are a great time to stock up on all the Red Leaf essentials, including our brand new product, Red Leaf Collagen Peptides. Another pro tip: Red Leaf Recovery Balm makes an amazing stocking stuffer for friends and family of all ages! Stay tuned for Red Leaf’s 12 Days of Deals (starting on December 13 on!


The holiday season is a great time to show the people in your life how much you care about them. If you are buying gifts for loved ones this year, please look to the small businesses in your area and show them some love, too! Happy holidays!