RedLeaf Pre-workout Energizer Review

CrossFit coaches and boxes are some of the pickiest groups of people when it comes to supplements. In general, they prefer to eat whole foods and the Paleo Diet became popular through the CrossFit realm. Given all of that, we asked Joe Mills from Summit Strength & CrossFit to tell us the reasons he recommends RedLeaf Pre-workout Energizer to his members, and why he uses it himself. Joe says that the three things he likes most about RedLeaf Pre-Workout Energizer are:

  1. Lower caffeine than other top pre-workout options – 40mg with RedLeaf, 200-300mg with other choices such as C4 and Bang
  2. Inclusion of important ingredients such as Beta Alanine which has been shown to increase performance.
  3. Not hiding behind proprietary blends. The ingredients are all listed for everyone to see.