How to use RedLeaf Pre-Workout Energizer

Our RedLeaf Pre-Workout Energizer product is one of our team’s favorite, and a definitely a top seller for us. However, we still get many questions regarding how to best use RedLeaf – what time of day, before what type of exercise, and how many servings per day – all questions we receive from customers, friends, and family alike. In this post we will cover how to use RedLeaf Pre-Workout Energizer in three different scenarios as well as how much to consume at one time.

How to use RedLeaf Pre-Workout Energizer

To make RedLeaf Pre-Workout Energizer most effective for your life, we recommend using it in one of three situations: 1) before a workout or physical activity, 2) in place of your afternoon coffee / caffeinated drink (soda, tea, etc), and 3) in place of a meal if you follow an intermittent fasting protocol. This last point needs the most breaking down, which is done below.

How to use RedLeaf during intermittent fasting:

Intermittent fasting, or IF as it is often called, is a nutrition plan under which you have specific eating and fasting windows. The most popular of these is eating between the hours of 12:00 pm and 8:00 pm, and consuming only water and coffee or tea outside of that timeframe. The challenge with this schedule is for those who workout in the morning. Working out while in a fasted state, and then not consuming calories after can actually have a negative effect on muscle retention. A.K.A it can make you lose more muscle than you’re gaining. One of the ways to combat this is by taking BCAA’s.

RedLeaf has BCAA’s in it so it can help you maintain your intermittent fasting protocol while also retaining muscle from all your hard work in the gym. Additionally, if you’re an early morning workout person you know you need that caffeine hit which leads us to…

How to use RedLeaf as a pre-workout drink:

This is definitely the way most people use RedLeaf – especially our team. Before a hike out in nature, a class at a boutique fitness facility, or even a long sweat session alone in the gym, RedLeaf is the go to option. Caffeine is one of the reasons it is so helpful in these situations; caffeine reduces perceived exertion and also improves your cognitive response aka making skills easier to accomplish, such as doing double unders at a CrossFit class. Additionally, the amino acids which are in RedLeaf have been shown to positively impact your performance in the gym, and your overall health, as well.

How to use RedLeaf as an afternoon pick-me-up:

We love coffee as much as the next person – but too much of a good thing is immediately a bad thing. The Mayo Clinic recommends between 300 and 400mg of caffeine per day at most, and anecdotally we’ve experienced that much caffeine to cause jitters and energy swings.

How much does it take to get to that level of caffeine?

Two cups of coffee from Starbucks will do the trick, and if you get a larger size blonde roast (grande or bigger) you are well-past 400mg for the day. Rather than risking over consuming caffeine, simply replace your morning or afternoon cup of coffee with a scoop of RedLeaf Pre-Workout Energizer. This will give you all the energy you need to get over the 2:00 pm hump and back into crushing your day.

Do you have a great way you use RedLeaf that you’d like to share? Let us know on any of our social channels! We love to see what our community thinks up.