How to Develop Spiritual Health

Spiritual health does not mean religion. For many people, religion is the avenue through which they find spiritual health – and they could not ever imagine living without it. It is a guiding light, a moral compass, and a rock to lean on during difficult times. For our family, that faith comes through Christianity – but we’re close friends with people who follow many different walks of faith. What we’ve learned in our own journey, as well as those of our friends, on how to develop spiritual health can be boiled down largely to three specific steps.

How to Develop Spiritual Health | Three Steps

build a strong daily routine

Just like your workout routine, you need to have a plan to improve your spiritual health. You do not wake up one day and suddenly have the habits of someone who is dedicated to their fitness, eats healthy foods naturally, and generally has accomplished a high level of health. In the same way you do not wake up and have all of the habits and accomplishments of someone with a high level of spiritual health. 

To begin, focus on making your spiritual health fit your day, not your day fit your ideal scenario for spiritual health. While it can be tempting to take it all on at once (daily reading, meditation, journaling, group conversation, etc. and all at 5:00 a.m.) be smart and ask yourself what you can really do nowIf you’re an evening person, have some quiet time in the evening. Journal during your lunch break. Don’t feel like you have to be the epitome of spiritual health on day one.

Connect with other people with the same belief set

We crave community. We are meant to connect with others. For many people this has been historically done through their place of worship. With more and more people watching church online, gaining insight via podcasts and videos, and generally not belonging to any ONE community by name, we have to create this for ourselves.

This feeling of togetherness is addictive. It is what has made boutique fitness and CrossFit boxes so successful around the country. These places have created a community and people naturally crave and need community. When you consider how to develop spiritual health, use the same strategy. Get a group together. If you belong to a church that already does this, it is easier, but you don’t have to do it through a formal organization! Get a close group of friends together once every week or every month to connect and share your thoughts and struggles with.

Spend time checking in on your thoughts about your spiritual health

Quiet time, meditation, and prayer are all ways to incorporate quiet time into your daily life. Quiet time  is a time for reconnecting with yourself, and God if you believe in one. It allows you to process your thoughts and understand your emotions and thoughts that have gone on throughout the day. When you were angry, why were you angry? What bothered you? Similarly, during your happiest moments when you were in that flow state, what was going on? Why did these moments make you so happy?

Just like with your workout and nutrition plan, if your plan for how to develop spiritual health isn’t helping you to improve, change your plan! Give it time, however, to work. A monthly recap/check in to determine if things are going well is a great way to begin. If you are hitting a wall, find a coach. It works in other areas of your life, and it will work here, as well.

Spiritual health is a personal journey

Your spiritual health is an exceptionally personal aspect of your overall health – yet absolutely one that you cannot build alone. We are built to have connection with people. We are meant for relationships and friendships. As you learn how to develop spiritual health, think about who you can connect with to advance your journey. Consider who is going to be in your group and walking alongside you on this path toward better spiritual health. For additional insight into how to develop your spiritual health, check out this great guide at “Relax like a Boss.”