Healthy Valentine Treats

It can be so tempting to go the easy route and buy a giant plastic heart filled with processed, but delicious, chocolate squares for yourself or a loved one. But this year, we want to step it up a notch and stay on top of our New Year’s diets. We’ve compiled quite the list of our favorite healthy treats that are super easy to make and very tasty, without breaking the bank. Whether you are quarantining at home or stuck in a winter storm, it can be so fun getting creative in the kitchen with loved ones. Baking can even be an awesome date with your Valentine. Though, we don’t judge if you keep them all for yourself. 


  1. Heart-Shaped Oat Balls

Combine 1 cup of your favorite oats together with 1 cup of coconut flakes, 1/2 cup of hemp, flax, or chia seeds, 3/4 cups of your favorite nut butter, 1/3 maple syrup. For an extra Valentines touch, add pomegranate arils. Once mixture is combined, roll out onto a flat surface and use a heart-shaped cookie cutter or shape them yourself. Enjoy!

2. Valentine Strawberry Milkshake

Blend 1 1/2Cups of Almond milk together with 2 cups frozen strawberries, 1 large banana, 2 tbsp chia or flax seeds. For extra sweetness, add 1-11/2 tbsp of agave or honey and for an extra protein boost, add one scoop of Red Leaf Collagen Peptides. Delish!

3. Chocolate-Covered Stuffed Dates

One word. Deliciousness. Check out this awesome recipe here and don’t forget the flaky salt. Bon appetite!

4. Strawberry Chia Parfaits

Put 1 cup of fresh or frozen strawberries and 3 tsp water in a pot and simmer on medium heat until strawberries are soft and then mash them with a fork until smooth. Turn off the heat and add 2 tbsp maple syrup and 2 tbsp chia seeds and mix. After it’s completely cooled, layer the strawberry chia jam mixture in between your 1 cup of your favorite yogurt. Yum!

5. Heart-shaped Almond cookies

For any fellow gluten-free friends out there, I highly recommend these. They were insanely easy to make and were seriously delicious! It made it even easier to use my Bob’s Red Mill 1-1 Gluten Free Flour instead of the flours in the recipe. Find the recipe here.

6. Pink Energizing Margarita

Yes, you heard that right. Mix together one scoop of Red Leaf Cranberry-lime Pre-Workout together with a shot (or two) of your favorite tequila, add salt and a fresh lime for a delicious cocktail.

7. Nutiva Covered Strawberries

Nutiva is a dairy-free, vegan version of Nutella and is seriously just as amazing. Dip your clean strawberries into this chocolatey goodness and freeze for an hour or so.


This year we’ve decided to think outside the chocolate box and get creative in the kitchen. We are so excited for you to try these recipes. Let us know below which are your favorite!