Get back on track after Thanksgiving

You had a few too many pieces of pie over Thanksgiving weekend, and you didn’t just have seconds, but thirds and maybe fourths, too.

Congrats, you’re just like us. And we’re here to say that’s alright, because one day at the holidays won’t throw you off track of your health goals.

But here’s what does: six weeks of laissez faire attitude towards your nutrition and health goals. So, don’t let last Thursday keep you from getting back on track after Thanksgiving. Here are three ways to keep yourself healthy through the holidays.

Whatever diet you follow – get back to it immediately.

It doesn’t matter whether you follow a paleo lifestyle, count macros, do the Zone diet, or are vegetarian 99% of the time, get back to your routine ASAP. Habits account for at least 40% of your daily decisions, and nearly all of your dietary ones.

If you get in the habit of having pumpkin pie for breakfast (thanks for leaving the leftovers, mom) instead of your usual omelet with vegetables, it is going to be tough to break.

So, if you follow a macros plan, pull out your scale and measuring cups and get back to it. If you’re normally vegetarian or vegan, start munching on the veggies again. Whatever it is you follow as your normal routine, get back to it immediately. Don’t let other habits form.

Throw away the leftovers. Repeat. Throw them out.

I know, I know. This sounds like blasphemy. The holidays only come once per year! How can you throw away stuffing and gravy?!

Because you care more about health and fitness than eating seven day old stuffing for the seventh time this week.

Plus, here’s a side people usually skip over. Holiday foods hold their special place in our hearts because they are a scarce resource. The fact is, you don’t get your mom’s pumpkin pie all year long. You don’t make stuffing and gravy every week. If you did, Thanksgiving and Christmas wouldn’t feel at all special. Allowing these foods to be a rare treat rather than a normal meal keep them nostalgic, fun, and they add to the holiday feeling.

Throw away your leftovers to keep your waist, and your holiday feelings, in place.

 Set a new workout goal for the season.

In all actuality, there’s no better time of year to focus on your fitness than during the holiday season.

  1. Many jobs get a bit slower in December as people take time off, and budgets are finalized for the coming year. It’s like Europe in August. Things just don’t happen.
  2. You know you’re going to get to celebrate at the holiday parties, so staying strict with your diet the rest of the week is way easier.
  3. You get a head start on your January, New Year’s Resolution goals. Enough said.

So, take these advantages and use them. While everyone else is hibernating with a cup of egg nog, get out and go for a run. Hit up your CrossFit or boot camp class. Be the person that walks into January with bigger goals, because you already achieved your first one.