The Best Full-Body Dumbbell Workout

Do you remember your first workout back in the gym after the pandemic restrictions relaxed? Every machine and squat rack had a line for weeks after the gyms re-opened and understandably so. Unless you already had a home gym, you were probably left with only a few basics due to equipment shortages across the world. So after months of doing your workouts with just your bodyweight or a pair of dumbbells, you were probably ready for some machines. However with spring break just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to get creative and bring back minimal equipment workouts. After all, where you’re headed may not have a full gym. Keep reading for the best full-body dumbbell workout that is sure to make you sweat no matter where your travels are taking you this spring break.

Full-Body Dumbbell Workout

When you’re on vacation, you want to make every workout count so you can get back to doing fun activities. Full-body workouts give you the best bang for your buck. If you have access to a pair of dumbbells, choose your weight based on the hardest movement for you to complete at that load. For example, if you are performing deadlifts and shoulder press in the workout, choose your weight based on what you can comfortably move for the shoulder press. The weight will feel light for a deadlift, but the goal of this workout is to complete all the reps of each movement without taking a break. If you go too heavy on a challenging movement, you’ll end up having to break up your sets often as you get into later rounds. If you have access to multiple pairs of dumbbells and want to use different weights based on your strength and abilities, feel free!

This full-body dumbbell workout will hit your shoulders, back, core, legs and arms all in 30 minutes! Grab a timer, set it for 30 minutes, and complete as many rounds of the movements below as possible before time runs out. Don’t forget to drink a Red Leaf Pre-Workout 15-20 minutes before you start for best results! With only 40 mg caffeine and 1 gram of beta-alanine per serving, Red Leaf Pre-Workout will give you a balanced energy boost without the jitters. Now that you’re ready, 3-2-1, GO!

The goal of this workout is to complete as many rounds of these movements as possible in 30 minutes. Try to minimize your rest time for a more intense stimulus, or take rest as needed if you’re looking for a nice, slow burn. The great thing about using dumbbells in this workout is you can make them as heavy or as light as you want depending on what you want to get out of it. If you’re looking for more of a strength workout, try to go a little heavier. If you want a cardio burn, keep your weight load light.

Before you get started, let’s chat about these movements really quickly. We’ve included some Youtube links to each movement so you have an example of what to do. If you aren’t comfortable with a particular exercise, swap it out with something that you know how to do. The most important thing to remember when you try a new workout is to move with excellent form.

Dumbbell Deadlifts. Focus on hinging at your hips (not squatting), lifting with your hamstrings and glutes, and keeping your shoulders back and core engaged. If your shoulders are rounding forward or you feel this movement primarily in your low back, choose a lighter weight load so you can move with proper form!

Jump Squats. No dumbbells required for this movement! Give your grip a break and focus on driving your hips back and down into a full squat and exploding up from your mid-foot, not your toes. If jumping is a no-go for you, replace this with a regular squat.

Man Makers. This is an advanced movement, but it can be broken down into its simpler components easily! The full movement is a plank + push-up + bicep row + deadlift + front squat + push press. If you want a core and shoulders focus, just perform the plank + push-up + bicep row. If you just want a legs and shoulders focus, do the front squat + push press. Don’t want to do any of that? Just do burpees!

Dumbbell Walking Lunges. You can do these with or without dumbbells. Just make sure when you step forward, you’re stepping out at a slight angle, keeping your foot fully planted, and keeping your front shin vertical to protect your knee. Oh yeah, and make sure you do twelve on EACH side!

Ab Mat Sit-Ups. These ones are pretty straight forward, but if you don’t have an ab mat, don’t worry. Just replace them with a standard sit-up. If sit-ups aren’t an option for you, replace them with a :40 second forearm plank.

If this workout feels a little too challenging for you, don’t hesitate to scale it back to your skill level and remember, take it at your own pace! It doesn’t matter how many rounds you get. At the end of the day, it matters that you show up for yourself, move your body, and have fun. Let us know if you try this workout in the comments or tag us in a sweaty selfie on Instagram, @red_leaf_official.