Covid Friendly Memorial Day


With the weather warming up and vaccination numbers increasing, Memorial Day Weekend can look a little bit more normal this year. Although, we aren’t fully out of this storm yet, so it’s important to remain safe and carry out pandemic precautions. Don’t forget to have so much fun with your family and friends and thank you to all of those who have served our wonderful country, we salute you this weekend and every day. 


Check your local guidelines

Each county, state, and territory has its own restrictions and guidelines during the coronavirus pandemic and it’s important to search yours on this CDC website. For example, this document from the Indiana Health Department describes the current regulations. 

Keep it outside

Luckily, most areas experience beautiful weather for Memorial Day but if rain happens to be on the radar, think about renting a tent to keep your festivities outdoors. In case the weather is a little too hot, make sure to have plenty of individual water bottles, fans, and cool treats like freezing Red Leaf Pre-Workout in these popsicle molds for refreshing treats with electrolytes for extra hydration. 

Disposable mask station

Even if your guests are vaccinated, some may feel more comfortable wearing a mask, and that’s totally okay! Providing disposable masks with a sign at the entrance of your gathering can make this super easy. (Also, disposable masks are great for the outdoors in the summertime to avoid breakouts and rashes from sweat and sunscreen build-up.)

Serve these covid friendly snacks

To ensure there’s no double-dipping here are two great recipes for individual (patriotic) snacks:

  • Red, White, and Blueberry Skewers
    • With 8 kebab skewers, stick one-inch cut bananas, whole strawberries, and blueberries for a delicious and healthy Memorial Day Treat. 
  • Too-Cute Cheeseburger Bites
    • Follow this adorable, yummy recipe here!

Provide a sanitation station

Providing your guest with hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes may help them to feel more comfortable and will decrease the spread of germs. If you really want to go all out, you can provide individual mini hand sanitizer bottles, found here in bulk!

Properly store your vaccination cards

In this heat, there’s bound to be sweat, pool splashing, and sprinklers galore! Store your vaccination card in a Ziploc bag to ensure no water gets in and smudges the ink (This is also a better alternative to laminating your card since we are likely to need booster shots in the future!). Also, don’t forget to take a few pictures of your card with your smartphone so that you always have it with you.

Shame is not the game

Just remember that some of your family and friends still may not be comfortable with joining you in your celebrations or taking their masks off and we mustn’t judge anyone feeling this way. We are still in a very uncertain situation and some folks may feel more comfortable at home or six feet apart, everyone’s at a different stage and that’s totally okay!

Get Vaccinated!

Last but certainly not least, get your vaccine! The CDC is now allowing fully vaccinated people to go mask-less inside and out, so join in on the fun! Also, the vaccine reduces the risk of contracting Covid-19 and if contracted, makes the symptoms much better than without. Visit to find a vaccination location near you. (Pro-tip: Take Red Leaf Immunity Supplement an hour before your shot to help lessen the severity of any side effects).


We are so excited that life is getting more and more normal and that this memorial day we can honor our heroes as we are used to doing. Let us know which of these tricks you use at your MDW Bash and tag us on Instagram @red_leaf_official and use Redleaf10 at checkout on our website for 10% off your entire purchase.