Balanced Eating: What does it look like for you?

This week, Red Leaf Ambassador, Savannah Dysard, is continuing her balanced eating series with some quick tips to find more balance in your life. Sav is a nutrition coach and the creator of Wellness by Sav. Check out her recommendations below for more balanced eating!

When I used to think about “balanced eating,” I thought about putting constraints around myself so I could fit into the diet mold that someone else came up with for their own body. Never once did I stop to consider that what “balanced” meant for me could be very different from what it meant for someone else.

There are so many factors that influence how we eat, what we eat, when we eat, who we eat with, how often we eat, etc. It’s crazy to imagine a world where “balanced eating” means eating the same way no matter where you are or what your lifestyle looks like. 

So, when I think about how to figure out what “balanced” looks like, I think about taking steps towards getting to know myself better. I think about objectively looking at my lifestyle and asking myself what’s working and what’s not working. I might start by asking myself questions like “do I feel good in my body,” “am I fueling my body appropriately,” “how is my mood,” “what times of the day do I get the most hangry”?

Then, I might brainstorm some opportunities for my lifestyle to shift around. Maybe I find that I can wake up 10 minutes earlier to cook a satisfying breakfast that keeps me full, instead of rushing to work and being exhausted by 10 am because I haven’t fueled my body.

Collagen Power Bowl

Maybe I can find time on Sunday’s to prepare dried fruit and nut snacks for myself for the week, so I always have something nutritious on-hand when I’m running from one place to the next. Maybe I can try drinking flavored sparkling water after dinner, instead of eating the candy bar that keeps me from getting to sleep at a reasonable time because it’s high in sugar.

Balanced eating looks different for everyone, and that is totally okay! Give yourself a moment to think about you. Get creative and stay positive! Caught up in the quick currents of life, we rarely remember to stop and ask ourselves what we like and what we don’t like anymore. Try asking yourself “what are some favorite foods that I would like to introduce into my diet more often?”

Once you’ve started to explore what balance means for your lifestyle, make time to reflect. Start a journal to record any changes you’ve made, how you’re feeling, what’s not working, and what is working. Find gratitude in everything you try and remember that this is a process!

Find balance by making room for what feels right for your lifestyle and eating habits.

For extra support you might work with a health coach, nutritionist, or doctor. Always consult with your doctor before making any major health decisions.

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